Tuesday, November 22, 2011


We all have so much to be thankful for this year ...

but we can't forget to finish our homework assignments!

1.)  Due Monday/Tuesday, November 28/29:
Grammar Book:
pp. 20, Exercise 4
pp. 284, Exercises 14, 15, and 16 (which you might have finished in class)

2.)  Due Wednesday, November 30
The Quotidian Life Project
(see worksheet in previous post for details)

3.)  Due Thursday/Friday, December 1/2
Vocabulary flashcards for Unit 2 (in the orange book)

Hope you have a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Holy homework, Batman!

This week we have THREE assignments due:

1.  Grammar Book:  pp. 280-282, Exercises 11, 12, and 13
(can be completed in your notebooks)

2.  Three new flashcards for the words QUOTIDIAN, SPORADICALLY, and CONSECUTIVE

3.  Grammar Book:  pp. 17-19, Exercises 1, 2, and 3  (begun in class with families)
(can be completed in notebook)

A big start to Q2, isn't it?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


A curious student asked a TERRIFIC (although totally random) question in class today.

He asked, "Why is it called "bootleg" when something is copied or fake?"

I wish he knew the answer.  It's such a fun fact!

And so:

The first person to write a comment to this post with an answer to that question will receive a homework pass for Q2.   That's a huge deal.

Additional comments with new or corrected information will also be considered :)

 Discover!  Inquire!  Learn! 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Last HW of Q1

In your purple grammar books:

Read pp. 274-279
Complete Exercises 1-7 in your notebooks.

Your work will be checked (not collected) next class!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


I hope to see you on the Marathon sidelines this weekend!  It's a really inspiring thing to see.

Bring your permission slip and meet in front of school at noon.
That's 12pm, for those who didn't know.
(Seriously.  Someone asked me that.)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Just for fun.

If I were a wee child, I would totally want to be friends with these two:

Unit 1.5 Vocabulary!

Nice work on your Unit One and a Half vocabulary flashcards!  I'm seeing really creative and original ways that students are OWNING these words.  I'll take some pictures soon to show you examples.

Remember, we will have a cumulative vocabulary test on Monday, November 7 (Wednesday schedule)!  Most of the test will be about the Unit 1.5 words, but you won't be allowed to simply forget the words from the previous unit.  Use your flashcards to study!

Peer Editing Guide

We often become tempted to fix another writer's spelling or to add that little apostrophe where he/she forgot it.  But we can't!  We must let them make their own corrections and learn from even the tiniest mistakes!

Here is the peer editing guide we used in class to read one another's Indelible Moment stories.  I hope it's helpful to readers and writers alike!

Guide for Peer Editing

When reading and commenting on a classmate’s writing, it is important to never make the changes that a writer should see and consider for him/herself.  Use the chart below to write comments that suggest problem areas or errors to the writer.  As an editor, you must never make the changes or corrections for another writer. 

Your comment will say …
… if there is a problem with …
… such as …
failure to supply or an oversupply of endmarks, commas, apostrophe, quotation marks, or underline
unwarranted marks or needed ones
incorrect indentation, line spacing, font style or size, title, or heading
something wrong with grammatical construction
a run-on, which includes two or more independent clauses, or a fragment, which is missing necessary parts of a sentence (like a subject or a verb)
incorrect spelling
includes unnecessary information that doesn’t connect to the rest of the text
start a new paragraph here
missing details, or could use additional evidence/support