Friday, October 14, 2011

Vocabulary Extra Credit Giveaway!

We discovered so many new vocabulary words in Jill Yablon's Indelible Moment Story, "How I Survived 8th Grade."  (You can find that document in your Google Docs!)  I would like to present 16 students with this extra credit giveaway!

To Win:
Choose one of the vocabulary words in the list below.
a.)  Write the definition, as found on
b.)  Use the word correctly in an original sentence (one created by YOU)

Giveaway Rules:
1.  A student may post no more than one comment to THIS post to enter the giveaway.
2.  Once a word has been chosen and a comment has been written for it, no other student may receive credit for it.
3.  If a word is chosen and either its definition or its use in a sentence is incorrect, a student may correct the error for extra credit.
4.  To receive credit, commenter must post both the definition and the original sentence in the same comment.
5.  The giveaway ends once all 16 words have been chosen and completed.

And so ... here are your 16 words!  Which 16 students will win extra credit?
1.  quintessential (adj.)
2.  aptitude (n.)
3.  androgynous(adj.)
4.  lithe (adj.)
5.  expound (v.)
6.  eradication (n.)
7.  feign (v.)
8.  stoic (adj.)
9.  elated (adj.)
10.  redemption (n.)
11.  catapult (n. or v.)
12.  defy (v.)
13.  scoff (v.)
14.  innocuous (adj.)
15.  relinquish (v.)
16.  vulnerable (adj.)

Good luck!
Are you going to keep this finding to yourself or tell your friends?


  1. Relinquish (V.)- to renounce or surrender.

    "I relinquish talking back to my mom because i always end up in a worst situation."

  2. Eradication :(V) to remove or destroy utterly; extirpate

    It was pretty obvious that my mom was eager to eradicate that big pimple on her face

  3. Defy (V.) - to challenge the power of; resist boldly or openly

    A troublemaker would do anything to defy the rules.

  4. redemption(n.)-an act of redeeming:deliverance rescue

    Redemption was mine when I was M.V.P of the football game.

  5. Catapult (n) - A military machine for hurling missiles, such as large stones or spears, used in ancient and medieval times.

    Owen designed a new catapult for the navy to use on its aircraft carriers.

  6. Elated (adj.)to make very happy or proud

    I was really elated when I found that my mom was pregnant.

  7. Expound (v.)- To explain; interpret.

    Ms.Heller expounds to her students what the homework is about.

  8. Aptitude(n.)-ready; quick learner; to be very intelligent.

    Some people can be aptitude if they study everyday.

  9. Vulnerable: capable of or susceptible to being wounded or hurt
    I was very vulnerable when my great grand father had died.

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  11. lithe(adj.):bending readily; pliant; limber; supple; flexible.

    Mr.Fajardo tries his best to make sure all his students are lithe by the ending of the year

  12. Quintessential(adj.):of the pure and essential essence of something or pertaining to the most perfect embodiment of something.

    Heaven is made quintessential elements that make the place holy and pure.

  13. Innocuous(adj.)- Not harmful or offensive.

    "I found it innocuous when my teacher said my class had no potential in making it to college."

  14. Androgynous(adj.)-being both male and female; hermaphroditic.
    I soon found out that jellyfish can be androgynous, depending on their stage of growth.

  15. scoff means to mock at; deride.

    If you didn't do your work, don't scoff at your teammates.

  16. Stoic - (adj) one who is indifferent and free from passion

    Even though Andy has good grades, he always remains with the same stoic appearance.

  17. aptitude (n) - capability; ability;
    -* I have a wonderful aptitude for soccer.

  18. Feign-(v.)to invent fictitiously or deceptively, as a story or an excuse.
    I feigned sickness to skip school and go to Coney Island instead.