Friday, January 27, 2012

Inquiry Begins!

Did you miss any parts of class this week?  We began our INQUIRY!

Our first assignment was called 10 Questions:
1.)  Write ten questions about yourself.
2.)  Write ten questions about the world.

Okay, so that is 20 questions ...

Here are some sample questions that might guide you:

Your homework, due Monday 1.31.12 by 11.59pm, is to 
type your questions into a GoogleDoc entitled, "10 Questions," 
and share it with me!

If you missed class on Thursday/Friday, we completed our first writing assignment for the new quarter.

We wrote our three-paragraph biographies!

Here are some guidelines to help you write your own:

Please hand in your 3-paragraph bio at the beginning of the next class.  These can be hand-written.

Enjoy your long weekend, kiddos!

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